The server in question is running NW6.5 sp4, upgraded from NW6.0. The
server has a pair of mirrored hard disks. Under NW6.0 the volumes were set
up using the Traditional File System. As part of the process to upgrading
to NW6.5 I wanted to move to NSS and I needed to increase the size of the
DOS partition and the SYS volume. To accomplish this I broke the mirror,
repartitioned the second drive, used VCU to move the volumes from TFS to the
new NSS partitions, let VCU rename the volumes, then made the second drive
the primary drive. Once this process was done I had the new Sys, Data, and
Apps volumes along with the Sys_old, Data_old and Apps_old volumes on the
TFS drive. I decided to leave the *_old volumes in place for a couple weeks
"just in case". I then proceeded with the NW6.5 upgrade. NDPS Manager
continued to function just fine after the upgrade. But, last night I
deleted the *_Old volumes, repartitioned that disk, and set up mirroring of
the NSS partitions. When the server restarted the NDPS Manager screen was
telling me that it could not see the Data volume where the NDPS database is
stored. It gave me the option of trying to move the database, but the only
volume available in the list was ZEN (a volume I created after the TFS to
NSS conversion). In iManager I deleted the NDPS manager and recreated it,
once again specifying the Data volume as the volume to store the database.
When I started NDPSM on the server I once again received the error stating
that the Data volume could not be found on the server. The only way I could
get the NDPS manager working was to specify the new ZEN volume as the
database volume when I set up the NDPS Manager using iManager.

I don't understand why NDPSM worked until I deleted the *_Old volumes.

What do I need to do to allow NDPSM to see the current DATA volume?

Will this problem manifest itself in other ways as well?

Thanks for your help,

Brad Johnson