Still running Queue based printing here, will be deploying NDPS and
(possibly) iprint here shortly.

Not terribly up to date on it, and have some questions about broker placement.

Our enterprise has one large central office building with 4000+ users and 7
file servers (NW6.5 SP3) and about 400-600 printers of various HP vintage.
We also have roughly 80 other remote sites with 20-200 users (varies
widely) and between 5-50 printers at each site. Each site has its own server.

I am confused when it comes to "best practices" for broker placement.

In my opinion, it would seem the best practice would be to have a broker at
each site, that way the wan links would not be taxed when clients get
printer drivers loaded on their boxes. If there were just a broker or 2 at
our C.O., I would think that if wan links are down, printing may be
affected at those sites which require the broker.

What are some "best practices" for broker placement.

I have a pretty good grasp on the rest of NDPS. Iprint is a different
story, as I dont think I need any of those features, and I am not too hot
on installing another client on the desktops.