I'm running 7 Terminal servers in a Citrix farm, all with Windows 2000 SP4 installed on them.

I'm running Metaframe XPa 1.8, Feature Release 3. All the Terminal servers have Novell Client v4.9 Sp2e installed to connect the users to network services via Netware 6.5.

The servers are load balanced through a published application.

At present half of these servers have had to be removed from the farm due to a problem with printing.

We are running iPrint v4.11 from a Netware 6.5 server to deliver our system printers.

In any given application, a user will attempt to print (be it an e-mail, Word doc) but the print does not come out and the session hangs. The user cannot carry on using their Citrix session until you have closed down the application in question using the Task Manager.

Normally if we need to re-install any of the Terminal servers we do so from a stored image, using Ghost v7.5, we then Sysprep the server and re-initialise prior to re-introducing it to the Citrix farm.

When this problem surfaced, our initial thought was that there might be a problem with the image. However, I recently did a brand new installation from the OS upwards of one of the problem servers. Within 10 minutes of re-introduction into the Citrix farm, the problem re-occurred.

We have tried various ways to eradicate this problem, including deleting the printer drivers from the registry before rebooting (Microsoft solution), removing the server entry from our domain/Active Directory, and disabling client printing on the individual terminal server, but to no avail.

Iprint works fine as a service when delivered to Windows 2000/XP desktops.

If anyone can provide some assistance it would be greatly appreciated



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