Kai Reichert Wrote:
> tbotsko@vcnlaw.com wrote:
> > Have a printer connected directly via parallel to a Windows XP Pro
> > workstation and want to make that printer available as an NDPS

> device
> > using the Unix Print Server function in XP. To do so requires being
> > able to get to a Remote (LPR on IP) connection. Not available as an
> > option in NWAdmin.

> Yes, as i said, use iManager and simply specify the ip address of the
> workstation and the LPR name. Thats all.
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I wanted to find out if this solution worked. I am also trying to share
a printer on a WinXP Pro workstation to the network using iPrint but am
having problems. On iManager, when viewing the status of the printer,
it says "Gateway not bound to printer agent." Any info would be