I aam running NW6.5 SP4a. All of iPrint is working fine, except for one
part. I am having trouble setting up printer profiles within iManager.
I am not sure if this is an iManager problem or iPrint.

When I click on - iPrint - Printer Driver Profile

I then put in the print manager name and click next. I enter a profile
name and select the printer then click next. It comes back saying:

Printer Authentication Failed. Do you want to try again?

If I click 'yes' it asks for a username and password. I enter in the
admin username and password and it comes back with an error:

The SSL connection has been closed
Error Group: SSL
Error code: 6

If I select 'no' it then returns an error HTTP 401 - unauthorised.

Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Although I am on SP4a I
had the same error with SP3.

Thank you in advance.