ServerA is a Nw6.5sp4a iPrint server with iManager 2.0.2 installed. This
server has a broker and ndpsm loaded and iManager is able to add print
drivers to this broker. My management station has iPrint v4.12 and I've
also tested with v4.15.

ServerB is in the same tree and is a Nw6.5sp4a server which I installed
iPrint onto (but not iManager) and I have loaded broker and ndpsm on this
server as well. ServerB is at a different location across a slow vpn and I
wanted to minimize vpn traffic so I wanted to bring up a broker local to
that site. Using iManager, I cannot add print drivers to the broker on
ServerB. The error is as follows:

Exception saving resource print drivers configuration
Standard I/O Error:
Other Error: 1h

I've found TID10099667 and TID10099545 but they are not the problem. As
mentioned, I have no problems with the broker on ServerA so this issue seems
to be specific to ServerB. Do I need to install iManager on ServerB? Will
iManager v2.5 make a difference? Can anyone spot an obvious problem that
I'm missing? Is the problem iManager or the server? I'm not sure how to
troubleshoot this.

Thanks for any and all comments,