I have a couple of issues with NDPS on our Netware 6SP5 servers. We have about 200+ printers on one NDPS manager and one server. This might be a
bit much but the server has no issue with utilization and as long as you dont mess with it there are no problems.

My boss insists that we have to have HIGH security on the printers and now the issues begin. I built a new server dedicated for printing and
migrated about 20 printers to that server.

After setting them to HIGH security the following happens:

1. Server utilization is terrible, about 95-100%. This is a virtual machine on a 4cpu dual core HP-DL585 and it is the ONLY virtual server on it
at the moment. I tried a physical server too but it made no difference. Giving the servers its own R/W replica seems to drop the utilization
some but it still have long high utilization peaks. Tried creating a filtered replica on it but that created some other strange issues.

2. Users that have rights still can not print to HIGH security printers all the time. This issue seems to be random. Even full tree admins can
only print to some of the HIGH security printers and only some of the time.

I have seen some posts here about the same issues but not any solutions.