I have a situation regarding a newly upgraded Open Enterprise Server (NW
6.5 Sp5) from NW 6 Sp5. I was having issues with printing before I did the
upgrade, actually was one of the reasons for the upgrade, the customer was
able to see the printers in the web interface spradiocally but when they
tried to download drivers or to install the printer, they would continually
be asked for the iPrint client to be installed. Even the web management was
acting strangely because I was having trouble getting the drivers onto the
broker. It would tell me that the drivers were installed yet when you went
back to the broker the drivers were not there, and when the printer was
selected it would give an error saying that there was no driver associated
with the printer.
After the upgrade, had many issues with iManager, and iPrint again.
Eventually had to re-install iManager, and reset the access so as to be
able to see the iPrint options. However now whenever you click on the
iPrint tab, or go to the iPrint web address it times out, I can still
manage the items in iManager, but the end users are not able to setup the
printers through the web interface, their browsers respond back with “the
page cannot be displayed” in Internet Explorer and “cannot make a
connection” in Firefox. I was thinking of removing the printing setup,
broker, manager, and printer(they have a small printing environment),
delete the objects and delete iPrint from the server, and then re-install
and reset the printing setup to see if this will fix the situation. However
before I do that I would like to know if anyone else has faced this
situation, and would have any ideas for me.