Novell TID # 10085454

suggests there is such a parameter, but I can't find any documentation
on that value - I know about 0, 1 and 2 and I'm using option 1.

Is this a typo?

Basically the problem I'm having is with the HP4345 driver and the Job
Storage Node functionality to send secure prints (type a PIN to
release the job) - when we install this driver as an admin all 5
options are available, but when we install it as a Power User only 3
of those options are available - the "Quick Copy" and "Stored Job"
options are not there. If we initially installed as a admin and then
logged in as a Power User it is fine.

I don't know if AllowUserPrinter=3 will help if I'm a Power User
anyways, but I'd like to know what it does before trying it out.
Otherwise does anyone have any ideas?