We have a NW6 SP5 server. When we go to http://server-ip:631/ipp we are
prompted for credentials before the page displays. Whether we provide
credentials or not (cancel authentication prompt) the page displays with
lists of printers.

Clicking on any printer displays a blank page, so we are unable to install

None of the printers are configured for secure printing.

This was working until the following patches were applied (at least this is
the only thing we belive have changed):
- iprint client 4.12
- nw6nss5c.exe
- slp211a
- mm60sp5.exe
- tcp610m.exe

I was told that possibly some html code is corrupt so I tool the entire
IPPDOCS directory from a working server but still receive the same results.

I've look at the Apache directory and conf files but do not see anything

Can anyone tell me what process is requesting authentication for iPrint
(HTTPSTK, Apache)?

And, where I need to look to fix the problem I am having with a blank page
displaying when clicking on a printer to install?