We are having major stability problems running iPrint on a patched OES
Linux server.

Users can sometimes print and sometimes they can't. Users can sometimes
install iPrint printers other times they cant ending up with everything
from 126 to 1392 errors messages. Its on different printers all the time
and on different PCs. We are not able to determine where all these
different problems come from.

Now things got worse. We can't add or remove iprint printers anymore. We
upgraded iManager to version 2.6, but this didnt help. When trying to
remove printers we sometimes get server error 500 other times java
exception errors. The same is the case when trying to add printer. The
process just times out with some weird non explaining error message.

The problems may or may not be caused by a "corrupt" printmanger:

- we cant shutdown the manager from iManager anymore
- we cant shutdown the manager with a shutdown on the deamon in
/etc/init.d. We get a failed message.

The only ways to restart the print manager is to kill the process or
restart the server.

We are coming from a very stable Netware 5.1 NDPS environment and you
can imagine we are very dissapointed with having iprint on OES Linux so
far. Worst of all is ofcourse the amount of incoming helpdesk phonecalls
from angry users not being able to print.

Is there anybody out there with experience of having iprint on OES Linux
in a production environment? Does somebody recognize these kind of problems?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,