I'm in the market for a large format LED/Laser plotter for our architectural
office. I'm looking for something which I can configure to work with NDPS
within my Netware 6.5 network. Workstations run Windows 98 or 2000 (Fat32
hard drives) and for networking have installed the Novell Client, NDPS
Service and TCP/IP.

I'm looking for recommendations for plotters that install with minimal
headaches, and print tracking software that installs in a Netware
environment and can be used to monitor both plotters and regular NDPS laser

I've found that incorporating a Ricoh 480W plotter, with its use of Plotbase
for print processing, into the aforementioned environment is nearly
impossible. I've also found that Technesis's cost tracking software has just
as many headaches. Said printer/cost tracking install has been in the works
for almost two weeks, and it looks like it will be a week or more before I
might get it up and running throughout the office. I'm seriously considering
sending the entire printing solution back to the supplier as unsuitable for
a Netware environment.

Suggestions on alternative hardware or cost tracking products, ones that are
"known" to work in a strictly Novell 6.5 environment?