My test server is Nw6.5sp4a, XTier from ZfD6.5sp2, iPrint and iManager v2.5.
My test workstation is WinXPsp2, iPrint v4.12 & v4.15, Client32 v4.91sp1
(with NetIdentity) and ZfD6.5sp2.

I got iPrint to work in a test environment with user privileges and
pass-through authentication from NetIdentity. However, I noticed the
following problem:

Bringing up the Print dialog box from some apps such as notepad, wordpad and
IE takes about 3 minutes while it hangs the app. This happens regardless of
whether user is local administrator or user privilege. However from apps
like Word and Excel, the print dialog box displays immediately. Once you
click OK to print, there is no delay in sending the job to the printer.
Both v4.12 and v4.15 had the same problem.

Anyone with the same problem?