I'm having trouble adding the drivers for this printer. I've got a
"schoolnet" and one "adminnet", but it only works on one of these.
Unfortunately not the one I need it to work on...

The server on the schoolnet is NW6.5SP5 with iManager 2.6 and iPrint 2.0
plugin. When I try to add the driver here, it just *****es about how it's
uploading the driver, and it might take 2 minutes. Please wait... Sure,
I'll do that! After a while I'm greeted by: Internal Error. A page has
performed an illegal action.

On the adminnet, I'm running NW6.5SP4 with iManager 2.5 and iPrint 1.9.
This works without just as it should.

I've tried different language drivers (I prefer using Swedish since...
well.. we're Swedish.) and I've tried pulling the drivers from system. Even
tried Printer driver generator, but it's the same every time. I have
however tried to add drivers for a different printer, and that works.

Any ideas?