We have added a new printer to our network, a Xerox M20I printer. We set
up a printer agent to install the PCL6 driver and it downloads and works

We also created a printer agent to install the Xerox M20I Post Script
driver. It unfortunately is having problems. The Printer agent shows
that it is online and idle.

The problem is that the driver starts being pushed to the XP workstations
but never completes and shows no errors and the printer is not there
after a reboot.

I tried kicking it off using nwpmw32.exe and I get a message 160 error as
described in TID #10023859.

I know that it refers to an old client on Windows 95 so it is no help.

We are running NetWare 6.5 SP5, XP workstation with the 4.91 SP1 client.

The post script driver installs and works successfully if we do it

Any help or advice on how to troubleshoot it would be greatly appreciated.