Theoretically we are running NW6.5sp4a on a Dell xenon 4 processor
server with 3GB RAM and 100GB of drive space. Servicing; A copy of our
local NDS Partition, zenworks, iPrint, imanager, 1400 users, 360
workstations, and 26 printers. There is also one other 6.5 file server
and a NW5.1 Application/file server at this site.

I am responsable for managing workstations etc at this site where we
have had long term issues with iPrint in general and Group/Workstation
policies being intermittently deployed. Responsability for the
fileserver belongs to a CoWorker who has determined that there is
nothing wrong with his server. This problem has persisted for over 6
months now through several patch levels with no resolution.

1) Can someone point me to some documentation, perhaps a block diagram,
that would help me to understand the inter relations of NDPS, iPrint,
iManager, Apache, Tomcat and anything else needed to manage and operate

2) Can Someone tell me what versions/file dates of the following
applications should be in place to have a stable working iPrint
configuration. I have an inkling that some component or patch may have
been incompletely installed.
a) iPrint
C) Apache
d) Tomcat
e) iManager

3) Does anyone have any ideas on how I can narrow down or determine the
cause with out having a free hand to make changes on the server.

(Politics SUCK)