Last fall, we migrated our 6.5 SP3 server to a new box. All went well,
but something happened to the resdir on the sys volume (files missing),
etc. Looked in the sys.mig directory for a copy of the original but the
folders were empty. Reinstalled drivers for all printers and everything
worked fine. One problem continues to occur. Once or twice each day the
broker gets a message:
"The Resource Management Service could not open the data file
Error code 1. Make sure the file exists, is not protected and has not
been corrupted, then try the task again." It seems to use a chunk of
memory each time this happens. A couple of TIDS on this subject do not
seem to apply. Our iPrint/NDPS directory structure does not contain this
folder (40ED69EA). Everything has a driver and is working fine. I'm
assuming that a client somewhere is looking for this and has not "lost" a
deleted printer. Is there a way to trace which client, or use some other
process get it deleted? Or am I off base here?
Driving me crazy. Thanks.