Hi experts!

After I installed successfully my Linux OES Testserver (SP2) and got PrintManager and DriverStore running I'm standing now in front of the main thing without any idea:

All my ZFD 6.5 iPrint policies defined in various workstation pakets should now migrate to use the same printers but through the new LinuxOES-Manager and Driverstore.

I thought, it has to be done with the "Novell server consolidation and migration utility" but the following things happen:

- Using the utility and moving Printers from one side to the other results in creating a new Printer object in eDir-Container where the new linuxprintmanager resides and not deleting the old printer.

- manual creating a new printer agent at the Linux OES server and adding this to a policy results in nothing - printer is not distributing to workstation.

- adding a printer from the web-page http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ipp is the only thing functioning...

Please don't tell me I can't launch printers through policies any longer when the printing server is a linux one ;-(
This would be the killing argument for Linux OES at this time...