NW 6.5 sp3 cpr

I am using the Novell Gateway.

I have a HP LJ 5 that every once and awhile hangs up on jobs. I need to
shut down and restart the Printer Agent. Sometime a couple of time to get
through the job list that has backed up. Then printer can/has gone for
days with no problem and then I get the call its locked up.

The one thing I have noticed is that after all jobs are printer and I look
at the job list it is empty (as it should be)

What is interesting is that on the Printer Agent page, under Scheduled Jobs
it shows 2.
I can goto the jobs page (where it is empty) and click on 'Delete all Jobs'
when that completes the 2 entry from scheduled jobs goes away.

That is the one thing I have noticed in the needle in a haystack problem.