I run a NW6 SP5 server with NDPS installed. NDPS talks (successfully) to som
HP-printers with JetDirects (internal and external). Now we also have some
Intel Netports Express 10/100 print servers and I can't get them to work. It
is conencted to the network, it has an IP-adress. With the Netport-manager I
can print a confuration-page. But when I creat a printer in NDPS with the
Novell Gateway, LPR on that ip-adres, NDPS says: "needs attention" (sounds
like my wife) and then: "LPR communication failed". When I create TCP/IP
port on the computer to that printer it works fine. So, the Netport does
LPR, but not with NDPS. NDPS does LPR, but not with the Netport. Netport
firmware is V 05.50a
What could cause this problem?


Adrie de Regt