With the introduction of iprint client 4.15 we encountered a problem with

A capture made with ICapture can't be seen in the iprnctl application.
What's more, after looking in iprntctl the capture has disapeared
in "Icapture show".

As posted before for the iprint client 4.15:

The registry is filled differently by Icapture and Iprntctl




LPT1 is captured with the tray-icon
LPT2 is captures with Icapture

The "Printer" field is different:
LPT1 (tray-app) is shortname
LPT2 (Icapture) is ipp-adress

The "Flag" field is different:
LPT1 (tray-app) is 1
LPT2 (Icapture) is 3

If I replace the "Printer" field with the shortname everything works fine
so I can make a work-around.

The problem was NOT solved in 4.16 !!

Still curious about the flag-field: what does it stand for?