NW6 sp3
ZFD 4.1 with current sp
Client 4.91 sp1 and sp2
WinXP Pro workstations
Users of workstation all have administratvie rights to their own workstations
HP4000n, HP4500n, Ricoh CL2000n printers being managed by NDPS.

This has been a problem that started about a month ago with the HP printers
and has continued with the installation of a new Ricoh CL2000n

XP workstations would 'loose' the HP printer. It would no longer be a
choice in their printer list. They had been available for literally years,
but for no apparent reason they began disappearing.

They would not come back even f I set NDPS remote print management to
reload the drivers. The only way to get them back was to manually use the
Create a New printer option in XP and browse to the contolled access ndps
printer in NDS.

When I downloaded the latest version of the printer driver from HP and
loaded it to the server using Broker rms, the new driver would give the
error at the workstation that the driver was unsuitable. I tried loading
the XP driver through Broker to both NT drivers and 2000 drivers. Even
trying to manually load the controlled access printer via XP create printer
gives an error now: the server does not contain the correct driver for
this printer, do you want to search.... I can use the same folder that I
uploaded files to broker from to load the drivers from 'disk', but it won't
load them via NDPS.

We installed a brand new Ricoh CL2000n printer. I used Broker to put the
drivers on the server, again putting XP drivers in Win2000 and Win NT.
When I assign the new printer to a user and NDPS tries to push the drivers
across the wire I get the error that the driver is unsuitable. Attempting
to manual load the ndps printer via XP create a printer gives the error
that the server does not contain the correct drivers....

What is the obvious error I am making, and more importantly, what is the cure?