I have a netware 6.5 network I am just now implementing NDPS on. Currently
the printers are set up as NDS Que Based Printing.

I have all the NDPS printer agents set up currently as Controlled access

These NDPS PA's are servicing existing netware queues, as well as are being
set up NDPS only on new deployments.

I have a need to add some public access printers so users in other
containers will be able to add these printers without me having to grant
NDS rights to them specifically.

The issue is, these printers do not appear under "public access printers"

I am setting this up on my admin PC first, and I have client32 v4.91SP2
with the NDPS client and iprint client installed. I have IP and IPX,
although the majority of the users will have the IP client only.

I have tried from all of my workstations, as well as some others, no one
sees public access printers.

File servers are NW6.5 SP3 edir in my tree, but our SLP DA is
Netware 5.1 sp6, edir 8.6.2. Also, the SLP DA server does not have NDPS
installed on it (does it need to?).

Would the fact that our DA is at a different SLP and edirectory version matter?

This server is still at netware 5.1 because it also runs bordermanager
2.7.x which I dont think runs on netware 6.5.

Any ideas?