I'm working on setting up iPrint support for Macintosh users. After some
searching I found Client Support->LPR Support tab and enabled LPR/LPD client
support and filter all LF to CRLF and append FF to jobs for all the
printers. I then uploaded the PPD files for all the HP printers and
associated them with the respective printers. Next I shutdown and started
back up all the printers using iManager to make the changes take effect.
However, when I try to load most printers from a Mac I get the following

iPrint encountered a problem trying to retrieve information from the
printer. Bad file descriptor.

However, I could load one or two iPrint printers. I then went into iManager
and compared the settings for one printer that worked and one that didn't.
The only thing that seemed different was the one that worked had a LPR host
of printing.domain.edu while the one that didn't had a LPR host of [server
name].domain.edu. I run iPrint in DNS mode with a name of
printing.domain.edu. So my best guess is that I need to modify this LPR
host entry. I've looked around in the iPrint manuals and searched online
but I couldn't find out how to modify it. Failing that I thought I could
delete the printer object in eDirectory and recreate it. However when I
tried creating a printer using iPrint and it gave me a LPR host of [server
name].domain.edu and not printing.domain.edu, like the printer I created
last week.

So, how can I modify the LPR host name? If I need to recreate all the
printers to do this how can I ensure that it will choose the correct LPR
host name?