I want to install the iprint client silently through the standard silent
install method via login script. I got that down, but I want to add some
specific settings to the client. Specifically, I want to disable the print
notification. By default, notification is enabled (at least on client
4.12). I want to make the default to be disabled, but still give the users
the option to use notification if they desire. About 25% like notification,
and use it alot, but the other 75% do not. I know I can disable
notification at the broker level, but that would leave the 25% that DO use
it out in the cold. Certainly there is a registry setting or something I
can change to disable notification out of the box, but let users re-enable
it via the iprint client GUI.

Is this possible?

Also, I really wish iprint was available as an installable option with
client32 like the NDPS client is, will that ever happen?