Andy Thompson Wrote:
> NetWare 6 with SP5, HP1320n printer with embedded J7958A print server.
> Most weekends the print server loses communication with the NDPS
> server. When the first print job is sent to it the NDPS Manager shows
> it being sent to the printer but just sticks after sending the first
> 20k or so to the printer. The printer prints nothing. This is rectified
> by shutting down and restarting the printer from the Manager. It
> doesn't appear to happen during the week, just after a weekend.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Andy.

Hi all,
i am the PSE for a large customer that experience the problem you are
describing with about >4000 (!!!) printers with the J7958A Jet Direct
They have configured the printer to use port 9100 RAW mode instead of
LPR/LPD because of some problems when the printer goes in sleep mode.
Now they have 10-50 calls per day where the HelpDesk need to make a
manual intervention exactly as Andy are describing with the restart of
the PA in iManager
The most interesting thing for me is how the J7958A card is configured
with RAW port 9100 or LPR/LPD in your case?

Stefano Barello