I am having an issue with a HP Desinjet 500 plotter.

I have a number of printers/plotters in a computer lab and set them up
using iprint, and have applied an iprint policy to all the pcs. I have a
laserjet 1320n as the default as well as a HP Desinjet 500 plotter and two
hp 4050n. The issue is, when I try to select the plotter in Autocad or any
application for that matter, the application will hang for at least a
minute, but will eventually respond and work as expected. I can select all
the other iprint printers as expected. I have deleted the iprint object and
created it again, but to no avail. I have replaced the external HP
jetdirect print server with an internal HP jetdirect 600n, but i still get
the lag time when selecting it.

All ideas welcome.

Version of software:
* Netware 6.5 SP5
* Novell Client on local machines 4.9 sp2