We currently run our iPrint manager on a temporary server. I originally set
it up as a proof-of-concept (for us) for iPrint. Now there are several
production printers on it. I now have a DL380 G4 to replace it. Once I have
installed NW 6.5, etc. on it, I propose to run ndpsm.nlm managing the
iPrint manager.

A potential problem arises because I originally created the iPrint manager
associated with an IP address, since we don't run DNS internally. If I
understand this system correctly, the computer running the iPrint manager
must have this IP address. This would be no problem but for the fact that
this DL380 will also replace another server that has been the SLP DA, so
this new server will have to have two IP addresses unless we want to go
around to all 250 desktops and change the SLP configuration for the clients.

I see no reason why we can't set the new server's IP address to either the
current iPrint server's address or the current SLP DA server's address,
then bind the other one as a secondary IP address. Both old servers will be
retired and removed from the tree.

Have I missed anything, or will this work?

Richard White CNE6