Hello NovellPeople - can You hear me!

I have a Problem since weeks and I also posted into this forum without answers.

Please think over this and try to help me:
Any suggestions are welcome!!

Why do I see the iPrinter (not NDPS-Printer-) objects in console one only as blank icons?
I created some with the iManager running on OESLinuxSP2.
The DriverStore-, the PrintManager- and the iPrinter-Objects are shown in iManager view correctly but not in C1.
Do I have to update any scheme or do I have to add any C1 Plugins?

Is it a bug or a feature that I can add newly created iPrinters (running on an OESLinux-Printmanager and showing with blank icons) to a ZENWORKS 7 iPrinter-Policy for Workstations, but they do not install on Workstations.

Is the ZENWORKS iPrint-Policy not supported with OESLinux as the Printing-Server?
Especially this Question is not explained in any of the documentations.

Please help.