With the advent of the new iPrint 4.16 client allowing pass-through
authentication from the novell client/netidentity we're enabling high
security/ssl secure printing.

In my testing, when I change the printer from medium security level to
high security level, once I log into a workstation with an existing
iPrint printer I will receive a message box:

"The administrator has modified or renamed the printer <printer name>.
Please wait while this printer is updated".

You press OK and it will go through the deletion and recreation of the
iPrint printer. After it completes another window will pop up telling
you that it finished the update. With another OK to press.

It's nice that all the iPrint printers can go through this process of
being updated without having to delete and recreate them. However,
I'm hoping someone might know if there is a way to not have these 2
windows appear so that our users won't have to go through this.

Thanks for any insight and information.