We are running NW65SP5 with iPrint (manager 3.01t & broker 3.0.11)
and use printer driver profiles. This used to work fine but now we have
several problems:
- the workstations do not receive the profile when the printer is installed.
- when renaming a printer on the NDPS console with F3 the workstations
don't get updated.

We use USER printers, which is specified in the iprint.ini. When we use
workstation or global printers everything works fine. We're running Windows
XP SP1 with iPrint client 4.15 but on workstations which have XP SP2
everything works fine, but that is not an option for us.
We tried MS Hotfix KB884897 but that also doesn't help.
It used to work fine until we patched our manger to the latest version
(3.01t) which we had to do because of a bugfix. I've seen a posting in this
forum which says novell is working on this problem, does anyone else have
this problem?