I have a problem with the little HP 200m jetdirect's that come in some of
the lower end printers and also the external 175x jetdirects. Environment is
nw65 spsp4. clients can be anywhere from 4.90 to 4.91sp2. All are set up as
Access controlled using the NW gateway in this particular building. But I
have some in other building that are public access with the same issues.
What happens is at any given random time any of 75 HP 1330n printers in this
particular school will not print. I can see the jobs on the server stating
they are printing but nothing is happening. Sometimes it will come out in an
hour to in a day or two. And then sometimes it will work immediatly like it
is supposed to. I have other printers on that same network that have the 6xx
series internal jetdirects that never have a problem. This is my worst
school because of the concentration of the same printers. But I have 24
bulidings and all are running the same version of Novell and clients with
the same spardic issues with these two print servers. I might add that the
170x parallel Jetdirect works fine. It is just this newer 175x usb that I
have been having problems with. This problem is not restrained to any type
of printer. I have some 2200's and 3500's that do the same thing. HELP!