Strange thing but when i tried to create the HP1200 business inkjet agent
through NWAdmin it spat its dummy out and made all kinds of fuss, but
when i created it through 'imanager' it worked first time like a dream
and has continued to work since.

Hope this helps, over a year late but whose counting !

> Hi,
> I've a HP inkjet1200 that I'm trying to setup with NDPS. I've assigned
> the IP settings and I can ping the printer and access it via jetadmin
> (web) and via HTTP. It's says its ok and ready to print. When I try

> set up the printer agent within NWadmin it says the printer needs
> attention after it is created. As far as I can see the firmware is up

> date.
> Just would like to know has anyone had a problem with this type of

> and NDPS??
> Any help would be good.
> Cheers,
> Mick.