We have several HP 175x jet direct boxes which are hooked up to a variety
of deskjet printers (990, 950, 1200, k55) and we are having the following
issues when trying to configure them on iprint:

9100 method:
Everything seems to print fine, but if we try to shut down the printer
agent while the printer is out of paper and the agent still has print jobs
to process, the NDPS console will freeze and the CPU util will peg out at
nearly 100%. We can't get the cpu to go back down unless we put paper
back in the printer and let the job complete. the load line for this
tried passthrough, raw(lowercase), and raw1)

LPR method:
we don't have the high util problems like on 9100, but after each print
job the printer "busy" light will continue to blink for up to 10 minutes.
the load line for this is: NDPSGW PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=X.X.X.X

We have tried different revisions of the hardware / firmware (A,B,C) and
still continue to have the issue.

Anybody have any ideas or experience with these boxes?