I am trying to install an iPrinter (HP LJ 4050TN) on a Mac with OS 10.4.6,
Safari 2.0.3 with iPrint plugin 4.15. When I click on the printer on the ipp
page a window appears stating the printer is not installed would I like to
install it. I click on OK and a window appears a few seconds later stating
iPrinter encountered a problem trying to install to install the printer,
iPrint printer - The printer is currently not available. I am able to
install the printer on a Windows XP SP2 workstation without any problems.

My suspicion is there is a problem with the way I have uploaded the PPD file
to iManager. I took the gz file containing the PPD for the LJ 4050 from the
Mac and extracted it on a PC. I was only able to upload it to the broker via
iManager by renaming the file with a ppd extension.

Any ideas on what the problem may be?