We are having a lot of problems with iPrint printers where we have to stop
and start the Printer Agent. We are using iPrint client v04.06.00 on XP
SP1 and NW 6.5 SP2 servers. The main printer that has problems is a HP
LaserJet 1300 and we are using a HP LaserJet 1200 PCL6 driver (this driver
is required by an application). The users will call because no one can
print to the printer and there will be an error in iManager: "Gateway
Other Problem: Gateway operation suspended until PA is shutdown and
restarted". I did see one post here with the same error. The user said
this would happen if there was a paper jam or toner low error. We have
been asking, and nothing is wrong with the printer before they get the
gateway error. We also compared the jetdirect versions on the HP1300's
that haven't had the problem and those that have. We can't find any
differences that are jumping out at us.

Any ideas?