We use NDPS today, moving to iPrint. We're just cleaning things up now and
are populating the location field in each NDPS printer to make it easier to
locate a specific printer. When I say Location, I specifically mean the
identification section / Location field of the NDPS printer object.

After editing the location, I would expect the change to be reflected on the
webpage (http://servername/ipp). Many of the printers that had locations
already set, show up just fine on the ipp webpage. Now that I am editing
any printers that previously had an empty location field, those never seem
to show up on the webpage. The printers themselves are of course there, but
the Printer Location field is empty on the webpage.

My initial thought was to restart the web services but that did not work.
The server has even been rebooted since making these changes. Am I missing
something here? :)

Server: NW65SP5