Netware 6.5
iPrint Client 4.15
Windows XP

I'm a bit of a newbie on NetWare and iPrint, so please excuse any
shortcomings in the information that I provide. I will make every effort to
include all necessary information and to explain the situation accurately
and concisely.

I support an office that recently purchased a USB label printer. The manual
for the printer indicates that it can be networked if the separate USB print
server is purchased, which they did not do. Of course, now they want to put
the label printer on the network, but they have killed the idea of
purchasing the USB print server to make that happen. So we've attached the
label printer to a client PC. As an organization, we've decided not to do
direct IP printing, so while I could probably make it work that way, I
really need to accomplish this task through iPrint.

Here's the current setup: The label printer is attached to Angie's PC via a
USB cable. It is installed as a local printer on Angie's machine and is
shared out as DOA-AEDL. Another user named Janelle needs access to the
label printer. We've setup the label printer in iPrint, the drivers are
loaded in the broker, and we've created the printer profile and associated
that profile with the iPrint printer. In the configuration of the iPrint
printer we've enabled iPrint support and iPrint direct printing. The
gateway autoload command is:


where is the IP address of Angie's machine (I've confirmed that
the IP address is correct).

Because the label printer is connected directly to Angie's machine, it works
for her. When Janelle tries to print a label using the iPrint printer that
is installed on her system, she gets a message indicating that the document
printed successfully, but nothing actually prints. Looking in Printers and
Faxes reveals that there is an error with the printer, but there are no
error messages or codes (I forgot to check her event logs, so maybe there is
something in there).

The way that I envision this working from Janelle's computer is that when
she prints to the label printer using the iPrint printer, the print job gets
shipped off to the iPrint server which looks at the gateway autoload command
for that printer and redirects the print job to Angie's computer (the IP
address in the gateway autoload command). Angie's computer then should send
the print job to the printer name that is included in the gateway autoload

Am I understanding this process correctly? If not, what am I missing, and
what steps do I need to take in order to make this work through iPrint?