Does anyone know if there's a way to use print job definitions in
Netware 6.5?

I know in Netware 4 and 5, these were set on the container object using
Netware Administrator. In Netware 3, these were set with PRINTCON
(stored in printjob.dat) and used the corresponding print devices set
with PRINTDEF (and stored in printdef.dat).

Most importantly, I need to be able to print with NPRINT, using a JOB=
flag to set the printer mode.

I see no such option in Netware 6.5, and found no mention of job
definitions in the manual. There is a "Printer Configurations" option
under each Printer Agent, but those configurations offer no way to set
the mode of the printer.

Our Netware 4.1 server is upgraded from Netware 3 and so our DOS users
still use NPRINT with jobs defined by PRINTCON, with the data files
residing in the public directory rather than each user's MAIL

I tried copying these utilities over to Netware 6.5 to see if I could
fudge it, but even if I copy the printdef.dat and printjob.dat from the
Netware 4.1 machines, it sees no existing definitions/print devices.
If I create a new print device, I can't see it in PRINTCON.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!