Hi, I installed pcounter on my netware 5.1 server, and have since
upgraded to netware 6.5. I've let my pcounter maintenance license lapse,
and now I want to remove accounting from my iprint printers, but found
that the "remove accounting" button in my old version of pcounter doesn't
clear the accounting load string.

My guess is that this is fixed in a later version which I can't afford to
buy. Is there a way to manually clear out the accounting load string so
that PCOUNTDP doesn't show up any more?

I've checked every DS field on every object I can think of, checked the
netware registry, checked config files, and i can't seem to find where
this value is stored.

I'm running netware 6.5 sp4a, edirectory, pcounter 5.20.

Thanks in advance,