When we consolidated offices, we took one of the printers out of production
and removed it with iManager. The printer no longer exists on the network.
However one user still has it listed under his Windows XP Printers and
Faxes. There appears to be 3 print jobs backed up and never printed to that
printer in the queue on his computer. Now when he prints to the correct new
printer it gives him an error message 3 times everytime he prints.

I uninstalled the iPrint client and reinstalled a newer one. I deleted all
of the printers within the registry on his PC (HKCU/printers). When I try
to delete the printer from Windows, it tells me there is an error deleting.
I don't know how to get rid of this now non-existent printer, short of
reimaging the computer. Anybody seen this? Have any ideas? -Shelly