NetWare 6.5 sp4
iprint client 4.12
winXP workstation
Novell client 4.91 sp1

We installed two batches of machines which are nearly identical - the
only difference is that 6 have CD burners, the other 24 just have
regular CDROM's.

The CD burner machines can install the iPrint client and all the
printers. The non-burner machines can install the iPrint client, but
only 1 of the 3 printers. The printer they're able to install is a Ricoh
3000, and the two they're not able to install are HP Deskjet 6127's
networked with an external JD box.

The XP drivers are in the Broker and associated with the printers, and
they installed fine on one set of PC's but not the others.

Any ideas?