I've got a problem with iprint at the moment that I was hoping someone
might be able to help with:

Versions: Win XP Sp2, Novell client 4.91 sp2, Iprint 4.15, imanager 2.6

we are having a few problems with a print driver for a HP Laserjet 5Si MX
so to start troubleshooting this I uploaded the latest (postscript) driver
from HP, which went fine. Next I wanted to create a printer driver profile
for this new driver - this all worked fine, I could edit the driver
(changing paper types/memory installed/etc) but after OK'ing this, it
gives the error:

Error message: iPrint client - unable to create the driver profile
Error group: iPrint client
Error code: 65556

This is all done in iManager 2.6
Anyone have any ideas?