We have various problems with IPrint on out site and its getting to a
stage were we might have to look for another solution.Any information
will help.

We have a mix of fat and thin clients.

Netware 6.5 Sp5
Iprint using Host name
Iprint 4.16.
Windows 2003 Terminal Server Sp1 Hotfix (907966).
Printers pushed using Iprntcmd in login script

XP Sp2 Fat Clients 200 users

Slow booting and opening properties has mostly been solved by applying
the Microsoft Hotfix (907966). Ive also found installing Zen 6.5 sp2
agents after Iprint install helps will booting times. Some machines are
still slow opening properties.

Im having a problem with Driver profiles (We have mostly Ricoh printers).
Some get delivered. The ones that donít seem to have issues when changing
from colour to B/W. It prints colour anyway.(Tried user and Workstation

10 x Windows 2003 Terminal Server serving 500 Users
Printers pushed via Iprntcmd in login script

When using any other version other than 3.09 (Tried all versions
including 4.16) the applications sometimes hang when printing or opening

The spoolsv.exe seams to start consuming memory and can go all the way up
to 500megs (Whatís normal usage?). This starts to slow down the Iprntcmd
install and sometimes forces users to close IPrntcmd.This also starts to
affect stability as the system starts to run out of resources. Iíve added
a cron to restart the spooler but this sometimes blue screens the server.
Can this be caused by a bad driver and is there a list of approved
drivers for IPrint on TS.

This is a last attempt at getting this right. Please any information or
help will be great.