We have access to our iPrint printers from a separate webserver with
bespoke webpages for our own look and feel and control. This way we can
group printers logically on different pages without relying on the
flakey iPrint tools to generate pages to do this.
The essence of iPrint, as far as I understand it, is that you can
install and get info on the printers from a url in a simple webpage from
any webserver (not necessarily the print server itself).

This method has worked fine until now, when the info button stopped
working properly. I am not sure exactly when the code changed, but I
suspect is was from our upgrade to NW65 SP5 from SP3.

We use the info button with the following url in our webpages so a user
can see the print queue.

<A href='http://[server_ipaddress]/
<IMG SRC='../../images/info2.gif' BORDER=0></A>

This is was copied from our Netware server ipp page a while ago and
worked fine until the upgrade. The upgraded Netware server now serves up
pages with the following url instead invoking a javascript function -

<A target="_top"
SRC='images/info2.gif' BORDER=0></A>

This basically means that the old method does not work properly anymore.
The info button only works in the old method if the printer is not
installed, negating the benefit.

1) Why have Novell changed this as it makes the simple url method of
accessing iPrint printers from your own webserver difficult, if not
impossible, negating the portablitly of iPrint?

2) How do I get around this?

3) Are all the urls (ie the install printer url) eventually going to be
changed to javascript functions rather that url's?