I'm using NW65 SP2 and ZenWorks 4 IR7. New iPrint Client.

configured workstation printers with zen iPrint policy. Every WS has 2

Workstation 1 has P1 and P3 (P1 is the default printer)
Workstation 2 has P2 and P3 (P2 is the default printer)

now if a user logs in on WS1, he gets the right printers associated to
this WS.
P1 as the default printer and P3 as additional printer.

if this user now logs in at W2, he gets the P2 as additional printer.
But default printer is still the P1 !!! (should be the P2 !!)

the user can login on every workstation, he always has the P1 as
default printer although i configured the different default printers
for all workstations in the iPrint policy. I also checked the "force
default printer" field.

any ideas???