I have this type of problem everytime I need to add a new printer(which
isn't very often) I have a total of 10 now.

NW6.5 sp5 with NDPS printers,1 broker, 1 manager
HP printers
I remember a while ago switching from the HP Gateway to Novell's

I barely remember the 'old school' way and can figure my way through the
process using good 'ole NWAdmin.

What I wonder is how should I be doing this in this modern day.
Is this process completely handled via iManager now? C1 completely out
of the picture.

I'm sure these are bad questions to ask, but it's Novell, it just works
and I haven't had much need to change/configure/troubleshoot anything
once it is up and running. and when I do I end up in the comfort zone of
using NWAdmin, though I have been trying/learning/likeing iManager for
more and more things.

Where/what is the starting point for adding a new printer.
Likewise, I think I learned from some posts that iManager is how I can
add Drivers for printer for the XP tab. I need scour the posts more to
learn how to accomplish this.