Hello there. I just replaced a whole bunch of hubs with cisco catalyst
2950 switches. They are either daisy chained together through their
1000 speed ports with crossover cables, or are hooked up remotely with
crossover cables on their 100 speed ports. I'm having printer issues.
We have a dozen Ricoh AP2650 printers, with internal print server
cards. The printers have been having an issue lately where they
"forget" to print. Or rather, they seem to just stop talking to
eDirectory and jobs just stack up in the eD queue object. To fix it, I
literally have to go into the web based config page for each printer
and just change the name. Then the jobs will start spitting out. This
has never happened before.

I'm thinking it has something to do with the switches, but I'm not too
familiar with configuration of network hardware. I didn't even config
the switches, so they're default.

Any help would be most appreciative!