Hi all--
I have a client with the following environment:

10 NetWare 5.1 SP8 servers, with eDirectory
Currently using queue-based printers via JetDirect for majority of
printers and, scary as this sounds, pserver and nprinter on remaining
Latest NetWare client on Windows XP and (some) Windows 98 PCs. NDPS was
NOT installed as part of the client install.

Client recently experienced server failure that required removal and
re-insertion of server into tree. Needless to say, all queues had to be
rebuilt and almost all PCs had to be touched (though queues were given the
same name).

My client is now considering using NDPS / iPrint on NetWare 6.5 -OR-
straight IP printing to JetDirect. All nprinters would be replaced with

I realize the benefits of using NDPS vs. straight IP (i.e. centralized
driver update, assign to group/OU etc, and better permission management.).
My question is this: What is required to restore NDPS/iPrint to a
functional state after a server failure? Is this a headache similar to
queue-based printing? I know this is a somewhat subjective question, but
any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.


p.s. I'm assuming that all NetWare clients could be updated with required
NDPS-related files via login script. Is this correct? Alternatively, will
installation of the iPrint client install all required NDPS-related files?
In other words, can I use the iPrint client installation to install required
files without actually using iPrint / brower-based printing?