Good Morning,
I posted this before and got a reply, but I need to clarify this in my
head before I do the work. I do not want to cause problems.....

I know I need to install iPrint on the new server with iManager. Is the
best way to create a new Broker on the other server and move the NDPS
manager and agents or??? I really do not know what is the best way to
this.I am hoping that I do not have to revisit all of the PCs.

Netware 6.5 SP3a, eDirectory

I have the broker installed on server F2 and want it installed on F1.
I have seen this TID:
Will this work for me?

I also found these two options: Moving NDPS Manager TIDs:

I have this in the early stages. I currently have one broker and
manager with about 10 printers created. We currently have about 50 PCs
configured. I need to get this done soon so that I can do the 40+
printers and about 200 users...

Thank you